Zoom meeting 14/11/2022


On 14th November 2022 was held the Zoom Steering Committee meeting after the second Learning Activity in Namur, Belgium. In this meeting, each of the participants presented the activity carried out by the partner organisation they represent and how to fit in and assume their appropriate role within the Co4Tran project. During the meeting was the discussion about updated project budget. On the meeting was discussed updated dissemination plan with completing dissemination forms for every dissemination activity performed by the partner (Social Media, Press Notes, participation in events, Bulletins)

On the meeting was also discussed the updated Quality Plan Document was discussed. It was also given a updated information about good practices at every partner country information about social inclusion of people with disabilities. During exchanging experiences in France and Belgium were held vivid discussions about political and social differences in every partner country. All partners summarized also shortly the Learning Activities in Namur Belgium. This meeting was also a preparation to the 2 Transnational Meeting in Berlin, Germany on January 2023 (Agenda & Hotel suggestions for Berlin) and Madrid Learning Activity on March 2023 The Zoom meeting was attended by representatives of the project leader, Spanish National Confederation of Special Employment Centers CONACEE (CONACEE Confederación Nacional Centros Especiales Empleo) and representatives of partner organizations from Spain – Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Complutense University in Madrid), Germany – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen and Fachberatung fuer Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte , France – Union Nationale Des Entreprises Adaptees Unea, Belgium – Entente Wallonne des Enterprises de Travail Adapte (EWETA) and Poland – Social Economy Support Centre Association Ja-Ty-My.