Learning Activities

Transnational Meetings

2-nd Transnational Meeting

The second coordination meeting as part of the CO4TRAN project was organized thistime in Berlin at the headquarters of the partner organization Fachberatung fuerArbeits- und



As a result of activities carried out in the the CO4TRAN project, the partner team: Confederación Nacional Centros Especiales Empleo) – project leader With represents of partner organisation from Spain – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Germany – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen and Fachberatung fuer Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte, France – Union Nationale Des Entreprises Adaptees Unea, Belgium – Entente Wallonne des Enterprises de Travail Adapte (EWETA), Poland– Stowarzyszenie Wsparcie Ekonomii Społecznej „Ja-ty-My”, has developed the following deliverables:

  1.  Compendium of National Situation and good practices: PwD, Barriers, Political Trends & Legal Framework, IE: Duties Position & Tools”

We identify, in relation to the transition of workers with disabilities from protected employment to ordinary employment in the partners countries:

• the barriers experienced by workers,

• the legal frameworks and the policies that favor the transition,

• the activities carried out by the Inclusive Company for workers with disabilities with that objective from the job adjustment and support services.

We identified the best practices in the protected market to promote the transition to ordinary employment: at the political level and at the labor level.

1st deliverable

2. List of new competencies from our survey

We identified the list of new competencies expected for the Traffic Manager for their incorporation into the profile of the assigned workers, personal and social adjustment services and support provided to the worker with disabilities.

3. Guide for best training

We developed a guide for training and support for workers with disability in the Inclusive Company that favors its transition to the ordinary market, based on the good practices identified and others that can be agreed upon within the framework of the project.

3-rd Deliverable

4. Training module (basis)

We formulate the bases for the creation of a training module and its content.

4-th Deliverable

5. EQAVET validation

We identified the different alternatives for the acquisition and/or validation of these competencies through their evaluation through the EQVET certification or other convenient ones.

 5-th Deliverable

6. Exploitation plan

We develop beyond the communication and dissemination plan initially planned a exploitation plan aimed to have a real impact on: all staff members, boards, trainers of the involved organizations, private companies and their professionals, institutions and public organizations, associations and NGO’s beyong the direct beneficiaries of the projects’ results, CO4TRAN project to give solutions to social workers and educators, families, VET providers and universities, trainers and vocational qualification officers, employment agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, artisans and others…

Promoting the use of the guides by a large number of inclusive companies in the territory of the countries associated with this project, but also in European and international countries.

 6-th Deliverable


5-th Learning Activity

Learning activity in Poland take place in Łódź on 24/10/2023 – 25/10/2023 and Warsaw on 26/10/2023, the organizer was “Me-You-Us” Social Support Assosiation (PL: Stowarzyszenie


4-th Learning Activity

Learning activity in Germany had happened in Berlin on 03-07/7/2023, the organizer was BAG-if, which introduce the model of German Inclusive Companies. The visit was


3-rd Learning Activity

The third visit of the Learning Activities series planned in CO4TRAN project was held on 20-24/03/2023 in Madrid in Spain, the organizer was Universidad Complutense


2-nd Learning Activity

The second visit of the Learning Activities series planned in CO4TRAN project was held on 03-07/10/2022 in Namur in Belgium, the organizer was Eweta, which


1-st Learning Activity

The first Learning Activity took place in France on 27/06-01/07/2022, the host of the meeting was UNEA – the association that federates Adapted Enterprises(EA) and