1-st Trasnational Meeting


On 21st April 2022 in Brussels Belgium took place the first Transnational Meeting in a series of many activities carried out as part of the Co4Tran project – Training for the transition from employment in social enterprises to employment on the free market. This project is led by National Confederation of Special Employment Centers CONACEE (CONACEE. Confederación Nacional Centros Especiales Empleo) from Spain. The first Transnational Meeting was attended by representatives of the project leader, National Confederation of Special Employment Centers CONACEE (CONACEE. Confederación Nacional Centros Especiales Empleo) and representatives of partner organizations from Spain – Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Complutense University in Madrid), Germany – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen and Fachberatung fuer Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte , France – Union Nationale Des Entreprises Adaptees Unea, Belgium – Entente Wallonne des Enterprises de Travail Adapte (EWETA) and Poland – Social Economy Support Centre Association Ja-Ty-My. The meeting was hosted by Belgian organization uniting social enterprises under its wings – EWETA. The first Transational Meeting was very effective in all details about project. During the meeting were discussed: administrative and financial issues (CONACEE), bilateral agreements and financial rules (CONACEE), management task and creating drive BASECAMP (CONACEE), dissemination and evaluation plan. At the end of meeting was held vivid discussion about project details; planning the first tasks and partners responsibilities; setting calendar transnational meetings, zoom meetings and learning activities of the project. The meeting was also accessible to one of our participants, who is a deaf person – CONACEE used application otter.ai as very successful transcript speech to text application. It was very useful and allowed to write all discussion in format pdf. This meeting was an effective beginning of project and exchanging our experiences with social inclusion of people with disabilities and to see good practices around Europe. Co4Tran project – TRAINING FOR THE TRANSITION FROM SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT TO EMPLOYMENT IN THE FREE MARKET Programme: Erasmus+ project Reference number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000028035 Cooperation between organizations and institutions in the Vocational Education sector Type of activity: Associations for cooperation in the field of vocational training European funds: EUR 123,238 Duration: February 2022 – February 2024 Coordinator: National Confederation of Special Employment Centers (CONACEE)