4-th Learning Activity


Learning activity in Germany had happened in Berlin on 03-07/7/2023, the organizer was BAG-if, which introduce the model of German Inclusive Companies.

The visit was attended by representatives of the project leader, National Confederation of Special Employment Centers CONACEE. Confederación Nacional Centros Especiales Empleo and representatives of partner organizations from Spain – Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Complutense University of Madrid), Germany – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen and Fachberatung fuer Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte, France – Union Nationale Des Entreprises Adaptees Unea, Belgium – Entente Wallonne des Enterprises de Travail Adapte (Eweta) and Poland – Social Economy Support Centre Association Ja-Ty-My.

Our meeting began by discussing the situation of inclusive enterprises in the country and identifying the formal background to the operation of the social economy. We visited Inclusive company Hand.Fest gGmbH.

Hand.Fest gGmbH: Catering in day care centers and schools – Disabled and non-disabled people work together in our company. Our theme is the preparation of high-quality products in the kitchen for communal catering in day-care centers and schools.

Non-profit association of companies – Together with Schildkröte GmbH and GREENs unlimited Berlin GmbH, we are committed to helping people with disabilities and young people with starting difficulties in their careers. We train young people with and without disabilities in the professions of cook, specialist in the hospitality industry, specialist trainee in the hospitality industry and specialist trainee in the hospitality industry.

Inclusion – everyone is included – People with and without disabilities work together as a matter of course. In this way, we promote participation in social life. Our motto is “Hand in hand with passion!” Aktion Mensch supports us in the implementation of an inclusive catering offer.

The second day of LA was marked by meetings with employees and management staff of social companies. We met the team and details of the activities of Elkotec and Pfeffeberg.

Inclusive company Elkotec GmbH is a subsidiary of Lebenswelten e. V..

Elkotec offers a modern, technologically oriented production. Elkotecs range of services includes contract production and, if customers wish, further service up to complete material management for your products.

Every product has its own individual characteristics. That is why maximum quality is a particular requirement in the manufacture of electronic products. We meet these demands with consistent quality assurance throughout the entire production process, supported by qualified employees. In the spirit of long-term cooperation, we are constantly improving processes and procedures. This opens up new resources and increases customer loyalty. To the benefit of both sides. We have the employees and the technologies to support companies in the electronics industry. This enables us to supplement our customers’ own resources or cover services that are not available in companies.

VIA Schankhalle Pfefferberg gGmbH is an inclusive company with people with and without disabilities working together as a team in two different sectors: in the restaurant and in the Pfefferberg Theatre.

The last day included intensive work on getting to know social enterprises: Spektrum and LebensWelten Humboldt.

Sheltered workshop (Inclusive company in planning) SPEKTRUM GmbH is a Berlin-based social enterprise for vocational training and integration with over 30 years of experience.

In the field of vocational rehabilitation, we have set ourselves the task of promoting participation in working life with the aim of entering the primary labour market. We have developed special offers for rehabilitants with mental health problems and for socially disadvantaged job seekers with special learning needs.

In our SPEKTRUM NetzWerk workshop, admission to the entry procedure, the vocational training area and the work area is possible if the personal requirements are met (recognised WfbM). SPEKTRUM is a certified training provider according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and is also recognised according to the regulation of the Federal Employment Agency (AZAV).

In their daily work, the inclusive company Lebenswelten Restaurations GmbH is guided by principles that are particularly important to them. Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Philosophy & Values – We are there for our guests and customers. With first-class performance, great service and professional advice and support. We combine solid craftsmanship with creativity and innovative ideas. We convince with exciting concepts, diverse tastes and original presentation. In all situations we have a solution and always a smile for you.

Values our ideals – We have been living inclusion in the cooperation of people with and without disabilities for over 30 years. We know the possibilities and the limits and take these into account in our quality standards and customer orientation.

Customer orientation – The wishes of our customers are the benchmark for our actions. We put ourselves in our customers’ perspective in order to make the projects as successful as possible. Our project managers in all departments are strong communicators, goal-oriented, open and passionate. 

Passion – The basic mood in our teams is a friendly, family-like atmosphere characterised by mutual respect, trust and support. We bring passion and enthusiasm to our common goals: successful events, happy guests and satisfied customers. 

Quality- The basis for our success is the high quality of our products and services. Our decades of experience as a culinary and event service provider and our high quality standards set us apart. And we constantly strive to become better.

Creativity – We are inspired by cultural and artistic themes and are always on a culinary discovery tour. Creativity and imagination, an artistic view of the whole and an orientation towards design are our design principles.

Team- The common goals are achieved through teamwork. Everyone contributes in a special position and can enjoy the success of the whole with everyone. We encourage the individual development of each person and team.

Training – Training is a social and corporate responsibility. We pass on our knowledge and experience in training and in the transfer of knowledge among each other in the company.

Growth- Growth is part of our strategy. It should be continuous, qualitative and sustainable. This will continue the company’s success and create new jobs and apprenticeships.

Adaptability – The market and customer requirements are constantly changing. We adapt, reinvent ourselves when necessary and deal with opportunities and risks responsibly.”


Programme: Erasmus+ project

Reference number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000028035

Type of activity: Associations for cooperation in the field of vocational training

European funds: EUR 123,238

Duration: February 2022 – February 2024

Coordinator: National Confederation of Special Employment Centers (CONACEE)