Co4Tran From Protected Employment to Ordinary Labour Market Coach for Transition

Co4Tran From Protected Employement to Ordinary Labour Market Coach for Transition

Objective: The Co4Tran project’s goal is addressing, from a practical and constructive point of view, under good work practices, the design of adequate and inclusive training for multidisciplinary teams that accompany workers with disabilities, in order to facilitate their transition from the inclusive company to the ordinary labor market, thanks to the figure of the “transit manager.”

The project will be carried out over a period of 24 months, during which five short-term training activities will be carried out in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and Poland, with visits to inclusive companies, occupational workshops and ordinary employment companies with experience in inclusion, training managers, social workers and experts in social and labor inclusion in the special employment sector.

As a result, a guide will be developed for the training and accompaniment of workers with disabilities in the transit from the inclusive company to the ordinary labor market, to identify the necessary competencies in the “transit manager,” as well as the evaluation and validation and, ultimately, formulate the bases for the creation of a training module for these managers.

For its monitoring, a minimum of 3 transnational meetings will be held in Madrid, Germany and Belgium that will allow all partners to progressively evaluate the objectives achieved.


Reference: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000028035
Key Action: Cooperation between organizations and institutions in the “Formación Profesional” training sector
Action Type: Cooperation Associations for “Formación Profesional”
European Funding: 123,238 EUR

Duration: February 2022 – February 2024